Company Profile

Since the establishment of the company, we have been serving the vast number of international high-quality customers. If you want to know more quotation, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly. At the digital age, the standards of product quality are imporved, which also gives rise to some labor-saving technologies. This model of pole shoe is efficient and durable,economical and practical for your company.


Owing to its superior quality and reasonable price,our pole shoe has met with a warm welcome and quick sale in most European and American countries. As our product has all the features you need and is 20%cheaper compared with that of other make,I strongly recommend it to you. By virtue of this superior quality and reasonable price,this product is often sold out in many areas. We would appreciate it if you could tell us more details about the product you need. High quality is one of the most important factors that have kept our leading position on the market.


Our pole shoe are competitive in the international market and are the best-selling products of their kind. Simplify the assembly process to save labor costs. The pole shoe produced by this company have simple structure, convenient assembly and low cost, suitable for promotion and use.


Pole shoe is a unique structure of electromagnet, permanent magnet and motor magnetic pole, which is generally processed by stamping technology. However, after stamping, there will be residual flash around the pole shoe, which needs to be removed. In order to avoid that it is difficult for operators to take out the workpiece manually and speed up production efficiency.


The pole shoes of our company have certain heat dissipation effect, which can reduce the heat in the motor, reduce the heat load in the motor, and reduce the possibility of motor abnormality.


Our company's pole shoes are mainly used in electric field. They are firmly installed and tightly surrounded by magnetic fields, so that all power generation actions can be completed quickly and quickly.


The pole shoe is welded with the inner wall of the casing through two welding locating ribs. When the resistance heating causes the metal to melt instantaneously, the metal flows smoothly from the middle position with the largest diameter to the left and right ends, and the fluidity is better, thus significantly improving the welding quality and welding stability of the pole shoe and the inner wall of the casing, and greatly reducing the probability of quality accidents of the starter motor stator assembly.