Pole Shoe For Automobile Starter

Pole Shoe For Automobile Starter

Automobile starter is used to start the engine device, it is mainly composed of three parts, namely, the motor, the transmission mechanism and the starting switch.pole shoe for automobile starter is made up of cast iron or cast steel. Similar to C-1010/EN2A, Q195/10.Pole shoe is attached to pole core by means of counter shunk screw. Pole shoe is laminated in orelder to reduce eddy current. The mainy purpose of pole shoe of motor is given as.


I.) Pole shoe provide mechanical support to the field winding.

II.) It distributes the magnetic field uniformly through air gap.

III.) It provide low reluctance path for field flux.


Process flow:Material Purchase→Cut Off → Heating → Hot Rolling → -Process Inspection → Finished Product Inspection → Packing Weighing  → Warehousing → Ex-warehouse → Side cut → Surface Treatment → Cold-drawing Test → Blanking → Milling → Punching → Chamfer → Duburring → Shot Blasting → Tapping → Electroplating → Washing → Packing